Mobility Belgium



     During the first meeting in Belgium, we watched different speeches and enlisted the characteristics of a good speech and a bad speech, as to be aware of possible pitfalls. Besides, also body language was examined, because this is also important when we communicate.

     The pupils prepared their first speech at home, the second speech was prepared during this week. This way, they could use all the tips and tricks during their second speech. All the activities mentioned led to a better way of doing a presentation.

Very happy to welcome the German, Italian and Romanian delegation in Belgium for the first meeting!

The Belgian students teach our guests a famous Dutch song ‘Ik hou van u’, which means I love you.

We visited Kasterlee. On this picture, we are in front of the town hall. The pumpkin is a typical eyecatcher, as Kasterlee is known as the Belian Pumpkin village.

     Working on the project activities. We focussed on speeches: what is a good speech? We all had to do two speeches this week, as to see the progress. We also had a lecture upon non-verbal communication.

A visit to Antwerp. Here we are in the famous Central Station of Antwerp, one of the most beautiful train stations in Europe. We also visited MAS, Museum aan de Stroom.

Visiting Brussels. We also visited the European Parliament, which was very impressing!

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